Dear Students of the BSI Private Language School, Berlin,

we offer German language courses for beginners (European reference level A1) up the the advanced level (European reference level C2) as well as a number of specialised courses. Due to the good performance of our students, our school has for many years enjoyed an excellent reputation with universities and academies. This obliges us to maintain our high standard.

In addition, we have cooperation agreements with renowned international language institutes in and outside of Europe, among them Brazil, China, Poland, Spain, Scandinavian and other countries. Our teachers are native speakers with academic qualifications (state examined or master´s title) and
most of them have many years of teaching experience. Some of them possess international experience, and a number of them also teach German at universities. Our teachers regularly attend advanced training courses so that the latest developments of language teaching are part of our
regular teaching method.

Our language institute was founded in 1980 and has over the years developed into one of the largest language schools in Berlin. Our focal point has always been German as a foreign language. As a result of the political changes in Europe during 1989/1990 “German as a foreign language” has
gained in international importance, particularly in central and eastern Europe. For our school this meant a significant increase in the number of students. In 1993 our school was renamed and has since then been the “BSI Private Language School GmbH, Berlin”.