summer course

Summer and Conversation Courses

currently not planned i.e. not available

The conversation course is aimed at people who have reached the intermediate level in about.

This means that all essential aspects of German grammar are assumed to be known. The course is designed to enable the previously learned vocabulary to expand and consolidate. Thus, the speech is the focus of the course, but being prepared and written exercises and important grammatical topics are repeated. In Conversation various topics related to Germany and Berlin are treated. The course design is not applied progressively, so that you can join at any time in the course. Landeskundliche skills are not required!

The conversation course consists of the following elements:

  • discussion and debate on current affairs in Germany and Berlin
  • everyday dialogues, interviews and speaking exercises
  • Excursions to places where you know Germany and Berlin learns
  • Read newspaper articles about current or self-selected topics followed by discussions
  • Movies
  • Cultural information about Germany and Berlin (politics, economics, history, culture, Going out / Nightlife and more)
  • Reviewing key grammatical structures

Of course, individually desired by the course participants could be addressed.