privacy statement

Privacy Note

1 General

This is the career portal of BSI school GmbH as part of the internet. The general data protection statement can be found in the imprint.

2 Sending the application

To participate in a competition for a staffing on this page, the transfer of your personal data to the BSI school GmbH is required. Are marked with “required” fields that are relevant for the selection data will be collected. In other fields there is opportunity, data, and documents that you think are important and useful, additional information must be given, together.

3 Earmarking

Your personal information will be transmitted via stored and processed, for which you have applied in the BSI school GmbH exclusively for those competitions. A storage or use for other purposes is not. Unsolicited applications or other non-requested information shall be disregarded and deleted without further notice immediately.

Within the BSI school GmbH will only receive the points for accessing the data that are involved in the actual selection process. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties outside the government. In case of setting your personal data to the administrating authority be transferred, in the case of non-recruitment of persons regarding your application will be immediately after the conclusion of the selection process completely erased. Here, too, are only data available that allow no more conclusion on your person for the purpose of statistics and documentation.

4 Data security and communication

Your application data that you transmit to us via be (Secure Socket Layer) secured by SSL encryption. Please use for online communication with us the notification area of ​​the career portal. There reliable transfer of messages is guaranteed.

If you have opted in the application form for e-mail as the preferred communication channel messages to you in the form of unencrypted e-mails will be sent to you previously set personal email address. Please do not use any particular “family collection address” and no public address in an Internet cafe. In your own interest, please ensure that only you have access to this e-mail address.

5 Selection decision

All selection decisions are not automated by the competent staff of the school BSI GmbH in individual cases, to hit.

6 Data storage and deletion of data

Basically any personal reference your application data is deleted at the latest six months after completion of the procedure.


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