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On 30th July 2004 the German Parliament adopted the new immigration law. This includes a minimum framework of state integration programs (courses and introductions to the legal system, the culture and history of Germany) for foreigners.

The law provides the basic building block of integration in Germany from 1st January 2005: integration courses for foreigners and integration courses for late repatriates. An integration course consists of a basic and an advanced course of equal duration as well as an orientation course (645 hours) dealing with the legal system, culture and history of Germany.

The Ordinance on Integration regulates the details of the courses, in particular, the basic structure, duration, contents and implementation of the courses, the guidelines regarding the selection and approval of the course provider and the conditions for participation, including cost sharing.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is responsible for the development of learning contents and basic structure of the integration courses. It offers these courses in cooperation with immigration authorities, the Federal Office of Administration, municipalities, migration services. It supports the basic provision for jobseekers in accordance with the Second Book of the Social Code, and ensures a sufficient range of courses.

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