intensive German courses

The general course program includes intensive courses with the following levels:


The A1 level comprises two months of lessons. At the end of this level you will be able to speak and understand simple sentences dealing with everyday situations (for example: shopping in a supermarket). Furthermore, you will be able to provide basic personal information about yourself and to obtain such information from another person (for example: in simple conversation with a new acquaintance).

Significant points of grammar:

  1. conjugation of verbs in the present tense
  2. the modal verbs
  3. first use of dative and accusative
  4. the perfect tense


The A2 level also lasts two months. At the end of this course you will be able to give detailed information about your personal situation (for example: information about your family or your job).

Significant points of grammar:

  1. subordinate clauses
  2. the preterite tense
  3. adjective declensions
  4. relative clauses


The B1 level also lasts two months. After this course you will be able to speak in simple but coherent sentences about familiar topics and personal interests. Furthermore you will be able to speak about events in your past as well as about your plans, dreams and hopes for the future.

Significant points of grammar:

  1. the passive voice
  2. the past perfect tense
  3. subjunctive 1 and 2
  4. participle constructions and modifiers


The B2 course comprises three months. During this course you will be taught comprehension of complicated texts dealing with concrete or abstract topics. You will be able to understand and actively participate in discussions concerning your professional speciality. You can strike up a spontaneous conversation with a native speaker without longer pauses or misunderstandings. At the end of this course you will also be able to weigh the pros and cons of a matter and to present your substantiated opinion. In the grammar part of this course important topics from past courses will be repeated with new focal points and there will be a presentation of  completely new material.

Significant new points of grammar:

  1. nominalization and verbalization
  2. modal verbs with objective and subjective meaning
  3. conditional sentences
  4. comparison of activity-related and condition-related passive


Like the B2 course, the C1 level course also lasts three months. The aim of this course is to understand longer and more difficult texts and to work on details within these texts. At the end of this course you will be able to express yourself spontaneously and fluently. You will have a flexible command of the language when dealing with topics concerning society, professions, university studies or job training and you will be able to use various means of text linkage (such as subjunctions, for example). The completion of the C1 level very much improves your ability to successfully participate in a TestDaF university preparation course. In this course grammar is dealt with in the same manner as outlined for the B2 level. Grammar exercises present new, expanded material and put a new focus on topics studied in past lessons.


In the C2 courses students broaden their knowledge of vocabulary, they improve their perception of stylistic variants, and obtain a more comprehensive command of grammatical structures. In discussions, oral presentations and composition of written texts they train their competence in oral and written expression. The general basis of this curriculum are authentic reading and listening texts from German media dealing with social, cultural, scientific, political and historical topics. German literature is also presented. Texts are chosen and presented in accordance with the special interests and wishes of our students. This course also is a preparation for the TELC or the Goethe-C2-Certificate (Grosses Deutsches Sprachdiplom – Advanced German Language Diploma).

Grammar Course

The Grammar Course is intended for students who have completed at least the B1 level. In this course they deepen and extend their knowledge of all grammatical topics from the A2 to the B2 level (and, if the situation warrants, also the C1 grammar level): correct use of the tenses, adjective declension, cases governed by verbs, prepositions, use of the subjunctive, word positions, verbalization and nominalization. In addition to the exercises completed in the lessons and the homework, for every weekend students are given an additional exercise booklet (with solutions) dealing with special topics that they wish to study in depth.

The aim of all this is to provide students with a comprehensive grasp of German language structures so that they will be able to move independently and with confidence within the “jungle” of German grammar.

BSI course abreviations

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
SoKurs = summer course
TestDaF = university prep course
Pfg = preparation for examination
GRK = grammar course
Konv = conversation course
IK = course includes students receiving integration assistance

BSI Berlin DaF in an nutshell

BSI Berlin DaF