Course fees

Payment if visa required:

3 months: min. 540 euros   > Contract and letter of admission for 6 months

6 months: min. 1070 euros   > Contract and letter of admission for 12 months

The letter of admission will be sent by normal airmail

Letter of admission by TNT express costs approximately 100 euros extra.

Payment if no visa is required:

Down payment for reservation in a course: from 195 euros/month in classes from A1 to C1 level.

Registration fee: 10 euros in our Berlin office –  65 euros for registration online)

For registrations from abroad fall school fees in the amount of 605 euros in the morning. For monthly payment drop the normal school fees in the amount of 195 euros (per month). The fees for our TestDaf courses to prepare for the test foreign language examination at 320 euros for 6 weeks, the course book costs 19,85 euros.

Residual amounts of unused contracts will be transferred without deduction on subsequent contracts. We would like to point out that will only be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of repayments, if the school contract no later than one week prior to the start of the contract or is terminated. In case of early termination of the contract school to calculate the amount to be repaid the normal monthly school fees is used since the fee granted to Au Pairs refers to a full three months.

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