terms of enrolment

Terms of enrolment for registration of foreigners with visas

1. Legal

  • (A) The registration is valid upon written confirmation by the BSI GmbH is issued. This confirmation is issued once the agreed fees have been paid.
  • (B) If a certificate for obtaining a visa for the Federal Republic of Germany shall be issued to pay the full course fee will be charged.
  • (C) For transfers from abroad, the customer also has to pay the usual bank charges.
  • (D) The registration is valid for a maximum of one year, at the end of a year, all expiring in advance fees paid.

2. Reservation

The reservation price of a square is binding only if it is communicated to the BSI at least 14 days prior to the course that the student will participate in the course in question.

3. Travel

When the students arrive later than the first day of class, he undertakes to inform the BSI GmbH. Without his message the BSI GmbH may otherwise have to the start of the course on the course. In this case, the student shall bear the costs incurred.

4. Re-booking

The transfer to a later course is only possible before the course starts.

5. Student absence

Absences of the student (also due to illness or vacation) reduced the school fees is not, a time credit for absence is excluded. During an ongoing course no leave is granted.

6. Rescission and Repayment

  • (A) the cancellation of the contract obliges the BSI GmbH only to repay the course fee minus an administration fee of € 50 if the notice of withdrawal exists at least one week before commencement of the contract and if the original papers – application / contract, receipt (s) and all be returned – by BSI issued. The repayment of registration fees is excluded.
  • (B) If a certificate for obtaining a visa for the Federal Republic of Germany has been issued, then a certificate from the embassy or the consulate of the original non-granting of the visa must be submitted.
  • (C) If the notification is made by a guarantor, the repayment will be made only at these even under a passport, or a person authorized by him under production of a certified power of attorney and passport.
  • (D) A transfer of the contract to a third party.
  • (E) The cancellation of the contract during a course is excluded.
  • (F) fails to attend or cancellation of a course by the student is not entitled to a refund.

7. Cancellation and postponed courses

The BSI GmbH is entitled to cancel a course for important reasons, especially if not enough applications available for a course or make any other condition beyond the BSI GmbH circumstances so require. In these cases already paid registration fees will be fully refunded. Claims for damages are not available to students.

8. Missed lessons or Cancelled classes

The BSI is not liable for instruction beyond its control. In case of illness of the teacher, the BSI GmbH is obliged to provide the second day of a class representative.

9. Continue Course Attendance

The continued attendance at school causes a resurgence of the school contract by one month.

10. Classification and tests

The classification and the final exams are based on the guidelines in force at the BSI GmbH. The BSI GmbH reserves the right to list of classes and teachers.

11. Legal responsibility

The BSI is not liable for injuries and diseases of the participant during the course. For damages of any kind for which the student is responsible, this is directly liable to the injured party. The BSI GmbH may have recourse if it is taken for any damage that caused the student to complete.

12 . Holidays

On public holidays and on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the Institute remains closed. The BSI GmbH reserves the right to suspend the operation instruction for technical or organizational reasons, briefly, the resulting instruction losses are then released to the time the credit.

13. Teachers assignment

The BSI school reserves the assignment of teachers.

14. Special agreements

Special arrangements must be agreed in writing.

 Terms of Enrolment as of 01.01.2010 – the german version is legally binding.