about us

BSI Language School Berlin


Our language institute was founded in 1980 and has since developed into one of the largest private language schools in Berlin. The focus was always on teaching German as a foreign language. With the political changes 1989/1990 in Europe “German as a foreign language” gained in international importance, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

This also meant strong growth for our school. In 1993, the language institute was renamed and given its present name, BSI private Language School GmbH, Berlin. Today students from all continents visit our courses. Thirty running courses with an average total of 600 participants illustrate the great interest and the continuing popularity of the school. Many students choose this school to create a broad foundation for their later study at universities in Berlin. Our courses are preferred also by au pairs, new Berliners and persons who require German in their jobs. The concentrated linguistic work in a pleasant atmosphere causes many students to come back again and again, either to renew old contacts or to attend more advanced courses.

Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers are the foundation of a successful and recognized language school. Here all teachers are native speakers. Through the creation and expansion of the educational material current issues are regularly introduced in classes. Since a large number of our teachers are also trained in foreign languages, they are able to detect problems and sources of errors in their students´ language acquisition. This also allows initial communication difficulties – the language of instruction is German from the first day onward – to be reduced or eliminated. Students lose their fear of communicating and expressing themselves. For anyone who has ever learned a second language knows the difficulties and psychological barriers and can therefore very well empathize with the students. So we manage to some extent to demystify the myth of the “difficult” German language.